The Monday Night Dark and Sticky 1/21/13 (Live from Gothika)

9 июля 2017
42 прослушивания

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Intro: Fader Gladiator – Battle of the Planets
Red Industrie – Flesh and Blood
New Order – Vanishing Point
And One – The Secret
Shriekback – Baby Lions
Depeche Mode – Dream On [Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix]
Ayria – The Gun Song (Essence Of Mind Mix)*
Covenant – Luminal
Neuroticfish – The Bomb
Faderhead – Horizon Born (Electric Paradise Club Edit)
Frozen Plasma – The Speed Of Life
Neuroactive – Fiberoptic Rhythm
VNV Nation – Gratitude
Apoptygma Berzerk – Rollergirl
Necessary Response – Elements
De/Vision – Time To Be Alive (Decay Inc. Remix)
Mesh – The Place You Hide
Cruxshadows – Foreverlast (Mesh After Hours Mix)
Negative Format – Optics
Dragonfly Lingo – All Right (World Rewired Mix by Attack Sustain)
Informatik – Perfect Stranger (Robot Mix by Negative Format)
Epsilon Minus – Forever More
Mind.In.A.Box – Crossroads
Iris – Panic Rev
Dangerous Muse – Everyday is Halloween (Extended Version)